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Let's answer your questions.

There are often a lot of questions prior to booking a session with me. 
Worries about young children and how they will behave at the session. 

Concerns about the time of our session.
Unsure of when to book. 
You are a busy Mama, and the thought of going back and forth via email to ask lots of questions when they come to mind is a little off putting.
So I have popped it all in one place for you!  My most common questions, to help guide you and to make this process as smooth as possible.
*side note* - my emails are always open and I look at them more than I like to admit. So if you do want to jump on in and ask me a million questions, I am here. Just pop over and say hey! Or even better - I am more than happy to schedule a call in so we can chat properly and get to know each other! 







When should I book my  Newborn session?
You can book your newborn session with me from as early as 12 weeks. I pencil in your due date and once your baby has arrives we then go on to book a suitable date, preferably within the first two weeks.
When is the best time to Photography babies?
Any age is beautiful! However, if you are wanting those sleepy curled up images, they are much easier to achieve within the first two - three weeks. 
How long does the session last?
Each session varies depending on how settled your little one is. I allow up to 3 hours for our Newborn sessions and they generally take 2-3 hours. 
When do we pay for the session?
A $200 deposit is required to secure your booking. This is non-refundable. The remaining balance for the session will be due 7 days prior to your session.
What images do we receive and when? 
After your session you will receive a proofing gallery of 50+ images within 2 - 3 weeks. The images will have been re-touched with one of my self made presets that compliment my style of work. The gallery includes images of your baby on the bean bag, with siblings and with parents. Once you receive your proofing gallery you can then select the images you want. These images will be re-touched and made perfect before being released for download. Depending on what package you choose, you will be able to select the images you want to be printed. 
When should I book my Maternity session?
Maternity sessions are best taken between 28 and 34 weeks as you tend to be more comfortable at this point. However, we can be totally flexible. I guage how you are feeling and if you would prefer a session later on or you missed the opportunity to book sooner, we can definitely make it work.
What if my toddler doesn't play ball?
I don't think I have ever had a session where a toddler has not had fun. It is my job to take this worry from you. All you need to do is make sure you have lots of snacks, let me know they favourite things/songs and do not set any expectations. 
My sessions are child led. So I have lots of tricks up my sleeves to keep them engaged. But if all else fails I let your child lead the session and document you all having fun and just being present with them. Those are the magical shots. 
Do you include a client wardrobe?
I have carefully selected a number of boutique dresses and two pieces to compliment my style. They vary in size. Once you book your session with me I will send you my 'Client Wardrobe Guide' to select which items you would like me to bring to your session, or have ready for your Newborn Session.
I also have some items for smaller children, 12 - 18 months. 
If nothing in my wardrobe catches your eye, I know a fab dress hire company that can supply you with some beautiful items from as little as $35.
Do you offer payment plans?
That is something that can definitely be arranged. I can create a payment plan between us both so that your credit rating is not effected. However, if you pay 'x' amount and decide to cancel your session, all payment made is non-refundable. 
Where do your sessions take palce?
I have carefully selected a few beach and inland locations for your session to take place. Upon booking we can discuss your perfect location. 
These sessions take place at Sunrise or Sunset. This time of day, the lighting is so flattering on your skin. It eliminates any harsh and unflattering shadows and creates soft. golden shadows which us Photographers absolutely adore. 
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