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to capture your baby, just as they are. 

You are learning so much about your baby already. The way they yawn and stretch when you wake them for a feed. The way they pull silly faces in their sleep and make the sweetest little noises.
The way they feel safest on your chest and hate to be away from you for more than a minute. 
This stage of motherhood is just magical and before you know it, it is gone. Just like that. 
It is my job to freeze those memories for you. With my years of experience with babies I have honed in on perfecting my newborn photography,  capturing those memories that you can have and hold forever. Your little ones pouty lips, their tiny toes, their little hand in yours and curled up on your chest fast asleep - I am here to capture those moments, all of them. 

Photography for the sentimental hearts, capturing your Motherhood journey. Close & cuddled up. 
Your Perth Newborn Photographer. 

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