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Mum Guilt - Flick her off your shoulder.

Eugh, Mum guilt. It's a real thing. It is like a little mini me is sat on my shoulder with her arms crossed and a frown on her face, shaking her head at me numerous times of the day. I can feel her scowling at me, I don't even have to look! We all get it don't we? Or is it just me? That constant pull here, there and everywhere. We need to be here, we need to do this, that washing can't wait and those dishes have been there way too long. It can be overwhelming. Then the little angelic face of my daughter comes by and asks me to play with her. Ohhh do I have to, right now? I really do have so much to do. But I can feel that mini me, sat on my shoulder, eyes burning and I know I should just drop what I am doing and go play; but sometimes I just tell her 'I'm busy at the moment darling, let me just finish this and then I'll be with you', knowing fine well that something else will catch my eye that needs doing. Oh, I feel terrible even writing this down! There we go again, mum guilt tapping me on my shoulder. I wonder, when are they going to invent cloning so there are two of me. Me me will play and clone me will sort out my never ending list of 'to do's'. But really, are those to do's important. Instagram reels tell me they are not. You know the reels I am talking about. But I know they are not. Not important, I mean; those tasks. My little love is three and she needs me, I am her world. So I let go for a moment and stop those silly tasks of cleaning, just for a moment, and I see the smile on her face as she feeds me ice cream from her little ice cream set. This is your 'fornilla ice-cream, Mummy'. I smile back because I love the way she says vanilla wrong and I know that in the blink of an eye she will not longer call is 'fornilla'. This moment has made her day, and mine. I just needed to flick Mum guilt off my shoulder and remind myself to be present. Even just for a moment.

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